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Standing Firm - DVD

Standing Firm - DVD

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Standing Firm is about God's sovereignty in our struggles, and how faith, prayer, and reliance on Jesus can get us through life's toughest circumstances.

After the death of his wife, reluctant churchgoer Dave Corwin finds his life in pieces. While his bitterness with God grows, so does strife with his son Steven, the only Christian remaining at home. With his faith unwelcome, and anger pushing them apart, Steven seeks advice and prayer from others around him. Can he reach his father before grief destroys what’s left of their family?

Special Features: English Subtitles. Two Commentaries by Director Kyle Prohaska, Making Of Documentary, Blooper Reel, and Trailer

"Dramatic and Gripping! A dynamite tool to share the Gospel!"
- The American Family Association

"A moving story about faith, love, and the power of prayer."
- The Dove Foundation

"Realistic and Entertaining!"
- Moody Radio

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